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  1. JDT Reef

    Wavemaster Pro for Sale

    I have a wave master pro, used. $25. Pickup in Brooklyn 11218. James
  2. JDT Reef

    ARM aragonite

    Hi.. I haven't used my calcium reactor in years, so I have reactor media left over. It's about 1 1/4 gallon remaining. $10 for all. Pickup in Brooklyn 11218. Will trade for Acro frag or Yuma type mushroom. Available today. Thanks, James
  3. JDT Reef

    Corals for Sale- Brooklyn

    Hi I have some corals for sale in Brooklyn 11218, Ocean Pkwy/18th Ave. -Pocillopora, green or purple from $10-$20 for chunky frags. -Green Chalice about 3 inches $20 -Montipora 3 inches with pinkish growth border $20 -Klepto-leposeris $25 -small favia $10 - Porities, about 3 inches $20 Pick...
  4. JDT Reef

    Corals for sale Brooklyn

    Hi, I have some frags to get rid of to make more room: Klepto Leptoseris: almost fully encrusted on 2 inch disk: $35 Favia with yellowish eyes, approx 3/4-1 inch $35 2 favia brain corals: $35 each: if you buy both, I'll throw in the small cyphastrea frag that's in the picture for free. Pick...
  5. JDT Reef

    45 gal tank and stand in Brooklyn

    I have a 45 gallon, I believe a marineland tank, for sale. The tank is 24in wide, 24in long, 18in high. I had it set up as reef years ago, broke it down and turned it into a terrarium.. so it needs some cleaning. Some scratches on glass. Tank: $50 Stand: $75 Take both: $100. Cash only. No...
  6. JDT Reef

    Selling All Coral. Brooklyn 11235

    I'm breaking down my tank and selling all livestock. Corals first. Pickup is 11235 (Bedford Ave) Sheepshead Bay. May deliver locally if buying several items. Yellow cup (tubinaria) about 5-6 inches across, yellow $65 Green Cup, with slight curve, $65. Both for $100. Plate coral, about 6...
  7. JDT Reef

    Tube anemones

    I have 4 tube anemones for sale: 1. purple with neon center 2. light purple with neon center 3. tan with neon center 4. pinkish with neon center $15 each or take all for $40. Pick up in 11235(Bedford ave) or may deliver in same zip code if you take all. Send PM