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  1. Dry live rock

    I have about 125-150lbs of dry live rock to get rid of. $125
  2. Hanna HI-713 Phosphate Checker W/ 80 Reagents

    Hanna HI-713 Phosphate Checker W/ 80 Reagents $40 SOLD
  3. Vital Sine SR-6 & Pinpoint cal fluid 4 sale

    Vital Sine SR-6 & Pinpoint Calibration fluid 4 sale $60 SOLD
  4. TLF KW300 Kalk reactor

    TLF KW300 Kalk reactor with kalkwasser $50 SOLD
  5. 120 Gal Tank, Stand & Canopy

    120 Gal Not reef ready 60 x 26 x 18, Stand, Canopy and modified AI mounting rails for AI Sol modules. $400 SOLD
  6. 20 long, 30 Breeder and 40 Breeder sump

    20 Gallon long $25 Price reduced $20 30 Gallon Breeder $50 SOLD 40 Gallon Breeder sump $100 Price reduced $80
  7. 1 and 1/2 MP40w's for sale

    1 and 1/2 MP40w's for sale. $325.00 SOLD 1 complete MP40W. The second MP40W's controller blew out but all other parts work fine, all it needs is another controller.
  8. Dry Goods for sale

    1) 200 Gal mix ESV Salt = $50 Sold 2) 3.5 lbs ESV carbon = $20 Sold 3) 3 lbs BRS large lignite carbon = $12 Sold 4) 4 lbs BRS Granulated pellet GFO = $45 Sold
  9. Nextreef reactors

    2 Nextreef MR1 reactors $35 each SOLD Turfster26 1 Nextreef SMR1 Bio Pellet reactor (never used) $70. SOLD
  10. Heaters for sale

    2 Eheim Jager 250w heaters $20 each SOLD jr973 1 Finnex Titanium 500w heater tube (Needs controller) $20 SOLD
  11. Pumps for sale

    I have two pumps 4 sale 1 Maxijet 5500 $80 6 months old used as my return pump. SOLD 1 Mag 7 $50 SOLD
  12. RO Internal XP-2000 cone Skimmer

    RO Internal SRO XP-2000 cone Skimmer RO Internal SRO XP-2000 cone Skimmer 4 sale $300 + shipping
  13. 4 AI Sol Super Blue w/controller

    4 AI Sol Super Blue modules w/controller 4 sale $1250.00 + Shipping These lights were only used for 6 months, life seems to be getting in the way and am unable to dedicate the time needed to the tank.
  14. Safari Browser Question

    I'm running safari on my MBP and I have that circle thingy constantly rotating as if the page is constantly loading, any ideas?
  15. Not getting email notifications

    Is anyone else experiencing this. Just viewed 6 subscribed threads in the usercp and didn't get any emails regarding them.
  16. How long can I go without my Skimmer

    Hi guys I woke up this morning to a non functioning skimmer, found the bubble blaster pump had crapped out, I new I shouldn't have cleaned it. I'm not having any luck lately with pumps, this is the 5th pump to fail on me in the past two months. Anyway do you think I will be OK without a...
  17. ESV salt mix chart

    For those who have misplaced their ESV salt mix chart.
  18. MP40W steady red light? Dead?

    Hi Guys Yet another pump decided to crap on me, one of my MP40W's controller is litsteady red. Has anyone experienced this, if so what is it? You want to laugh, here is my February list of failed pumps, ATO pump, Main return pump, reactor pump and now one of my MP40's.
  19. WTB Reef Octopus OCT-OB300D HOB Overflow

    Looking to buy RO OCT-OB300D HOB overflow, preferably new but will consider a used unit.
  20. Setosa tip turning brown

    I'm not sure as to what is going on with my Montipora Setosa but one of the tips is turning brown but the rest of it seems to be growing fairly well, does anyone know what could be causing it? I'll get some pics up later today. Parameters PH = 8.25 Mg = 1450 Cal = 480 Dkh = 10 PO4 = .02 NO3 =...