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Anyone have advice on whether or not it is safe to keep the above mentioned corals together in a 125? I also had some xenia that has slowly shrank in size while other SPS's (porites and mont. have gained size) I'm thinking xenia likes a lower ph then most of the sps's. I have tanken the xenia out and put it in my nano 15 gal. tank. I read that xenia and sps don't get along next to each other and I moved xenia away prior to removal from tank and still went down hill. It's starting to perk up now that it's in the nano.

Tank specs:
light: 2 96w 10,000k; 2 96w 8,800 and 2 55w 7100 blue.
cal: 400
sp: 1.023 RO/DI water
temp 76-78


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I have two large sarcos (one eight inches across, the other fourteen), four babies about two inches across, with SPS and various xenia in a 135G.


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I've kept xenia, SPS, LPS and leathers in the same tanks for five years. I've never seen any problems that couldn't be attributed to direct contact. I wouldn't worry about it.


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The only problem I have is that the xenia (and it sounds like you didn't have this problem as yours were shrinking) are overgrowing EVERYTHING and I cull them about every 2 weeks and dump them onto an open patch of substrate (they're now climbing up the front of my tank, which makes for an interesting concept of viewing things from behind a xenia drape).


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I have a large chunk of anthellia (sp?) near the old xenia location. Maybe since they are in same family the anthellia ate up all the foods the xenia feeds on.

Thanks to all for the tips!


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I have a sarcophyton (about one foot across and one foot high) and lots of SPS. I also have one large branching finger tree leather coral. No problems so far.


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