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I had a small tragity in my tank that involved a cuke last weekend and as a result of that I had to move the rocks around to get to some stuff. I moved a lot of coral to the sand bed tempororaly to get it out of the way. One of the things I moved to the sand bed was a small frag of purple tip sps (not sure on the exact species). Well I also got a new hamilton MH light fixture for the tank. Since I do not want to harm my corals I started by running the MH for an hour a day adding an hour to the run time every day. Yesterday was the second day I had the fixture so the MH part of the lights only ran for about 2 hours. I was waiting by the tank for the MH lights to click on (to make sure the timers were working properly an all that), and as I was waiting I noticed these very tiny, tiny bug like creatures crawling around on the frag of purple tip SPS. You could only notice the bugs when just the atinics are on. Then I realized that the purple tip was completely bleached. The coral was not bleached yesterday morning (on my morning check of the tank it was at full color). So from the morning to the afternoon these little bugs had destroyed the frag. My first question is, is the frag really dead? Second is what can I do to protect my other SPS corals from these things, and should I be worried. I have been doing water changes every day since the cuke thing so I do not know what else I can do. Help!!!!!!!!!!!


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I have transparent little bugs that crawl around my tank when the actinics are on. They are all over the tank at night and start to disappear when lights start to come on. Not sure if these are the same, but they have been harmless in my 'non-SPS' tank for a couple years. Mine are about 1/8" long and 1/32" wide, with around 10 legs.


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