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I have a 70g reef with ~500 gph total water movement. I understand that I need more for SPS, but how much more? There are 2 170 gph PH's, one on the left, one on the right. My HOT skimmer puts out maybe 160 gph. Would it be enough to add a MJ 900 (230 gph) in the middle, or do I need more than that? Keep in mind MO purchase is not an option for this, so I have to get it at the LFS...$$$$.


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Sounds like you're ready for that sump and seaswirl on return. A "rule of thumb" (granted I see no value in rules of thumb) is that tank turnover should be greater than 10 x/ hour.

With that being said, I turn my tank over 20 times an hour with a tunze wavemaking system. I just recently began, but I think I'm already seeing some results.



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I am to the point where I don't think you can have too much current (almost). I have 2 Iwaki 40 RXLT on my retun and 2 closed loops using a MAG 12 and a MAG 18. When both closed loops are on at the same time (about an hour a day) I am pushing a little over 5000 GPH. At the minimum I am getting 20x movement and maximum is 30+. I have a 150 with mainly SPS and LPS. I do have my LPS positioned under cliffs or overhangs so they do not get the brunt of the movement, but my SPS love it. I think I read once that mother nature (during a storm) can move water at 50-100 feet per second. Now I am not trying to duplicate a storm, but that shows how much force they can actually take.

I would shoot for a MAG 7,9, or 12 in a closed loop or add a few more PH's. HTH


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Thanks. Now I'm thinking of getting 2 or 3 more PH's instead of one (I cannot afford a sump right now).

I'll have to get them online then. It will be fun fun fun to convince my parents...

How does one MJ 1200 and one 900 sound?


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I think it's important that the movement be dispersed. I run 300gph each through 2 sea swirls with y outputs and a spray bar with 30 eighth inch holes on my 15g sps tank. It turns the tank over 60 times per hour but it's fairly evenly distributed.


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I agree that the water motion is much better if it's random and "dispersed", rather than a constant non-moving jet of water blasting away at a coral or two.


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