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I know what a sore topic GARF can be, but...

The GARF website specifically mentions mounting "escape size" SPS frags at a slightly downward pointed direction to get optimal growth.

Supposedly, escape size refers to the ability of invertebrates to rapidly grow to a certain size that would prevent the animal to die if it were injured by a predator.

Does this apply to corals though? Are any reefkeepers seeing greater growth from smaller frags as opposed to larger frags?

I know that whenever someone describes the frags that GARF sells, it usually goes along the lines of "they're small frags, but they grow quickly"


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Hey Platylover,

I know GARF get a bad wrap and that some of their practices are questionable (color enhanced photos, bad packaging, etc) but I think that their research and information is top notch (even if the presentation of the info sh*ts me to tears).

I cut all my frags small and experience good growth, but have nothing to compare it with so I can't really help, however, the GARF experience is not new. I have read several scientific publications that support the hypothesies that GARF is putting forward... In fact, GARF did not discover any of these ideas, but they are doing good work to popularize this information.




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IMO, Garf is referering to length of the frag,and not overall mass when speaking of faster growth.

I also believe that "escape size" refers to the corallite on a rock you just recieved from them,and they "escaped" with your cheque.

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