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Well I finally have enough SPS and want to try my hand at farming it out. I am looking for large flat containers to grow it in. Does anyone have any low cost ideas. I want it to be about 4' long not highter then 18", and about 2-3' deep. I do not want to pay the high $$$ of buying a plex tank. Anyone have any good ideas. I know this may not be the forum for this, but you guys usually have the best ideas. Let me know.


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I've seen a number of people buy *large* RubberMaid containers (upwards of 150 gallons) at places like Menards or Lowes or Home Depot. They may be a little taller than you like, but you could always place the frags up on eggcrate...



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A friend, "Fudge" on this board, used large plastic tubs and simply cut out the side and put a piece of acylic to see through, they may not be as asthetically pleasing as a proper tank but they worked perfect for exactly what you want to do.

More pics:


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I once saw a nice set up that I hope to duplicate some day. A friend of mine had made a grow out tank out of a plastic concrete mixing tub. The tub was about 12" deep and 3' long and 2' wide. he used bulkhead fittings to pipe water in and out of the tub, and he had a single 175 watt MH pendant lamp lighting. He had it set into a cabinet top in his fish room. It looked nice, and he was able to grow out corral quite nicely.


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One of the LFS in town makes his coral tanks out of treated 2x8 or 10 sides with a plywood bottom. A pond liner or thick poly and a few bags of Southdown along with two bulkheads and he's all done.


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You can use those plastic storage containers that are meant for fitting under the bed. They are about 3' long, 5 inches deep, and about a foot wide. Sounds like what you want, and they are REAL cheap.


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Go to a farm/agriculture supply store and get a livestock tank or trough. I have a 60 gallon one that (ID) is 49" long by 28" wide by 13" deep. It is pre-drilled with a bulkhead at the side near the bottom (very small, though, probably only 3/8" or so). It only cost around $50 or $60 and is made of polyethylene foam (heavy duty). There is a full range of tubs, I think the next size is a 100 gallon, and then I also bought a 150 gallon which was $90-$100. It's much bigger, needless to say, and around 2' high.

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