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When you buy tank grown SPS, what is an average price for your run-of -the-mill acro frag?. For instance, what price range should a two inch frag be, or a three to four inch, or even a slightly larger colony? I know it varies, but I am just wondering about a ballpark figure.


Sue Truett

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My lfs sells frags <1" for $9.99, he then increases prices according to size and color to $14.99-$24.99. Mail order I have paid from $15.00 3"+ frag to what I got this morning from Steve Tyree. A Limited Edition blue spp. staghorn and tortuosa staghorn. I think most sell according to spp. and color varieties of these. Some are way over prised and some like Ron Coleman who have awesome frags sell them so reasonably.

check out my 120 sps tank:


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You have a hell of a collection over there of SPS! I'm truely jealuos

If you ever decide to sell frags, let me know!



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Sue really has great resources for good buys on SPS's, if you havent been to her site check it out, hat's off Sue. I on the other hand have only bought larger clusters i.e. 4-7 inches and have payed full retail, usually get a little bit of a break for LFS seeing as i've dropped so much cash there over the years. Recently bought a nice blue tip acro cluster about 3.5 inches in diameter with probally 20-30 branches on it I payed $45.00 for it. I like to see what I'm getting and LFS will hold for me till pollyps come out, usually 1-2 weeks. My LFS also has a 300 gallon dedacated to SPS, stonies and clams and seem to be very loyal hobbiest, dont mind paying a little more because I know these guys care alot about the hobby. Local fish store's used to charge a fortune for acro's but I think the smart store owners have realized they have lost business to mail order and have adjusted thier pricing. I have bought acros from mail order and over time lost every mail order acro I bought. I have not bought from any of the people Sue buys from so I can not speak first hand about them. But they do seem to be doing there part on the care and safe delivery of these corals. If I did not have such a good local fish store I would sure consider buying from them. My LFS still wont tell me where he buy's from and I've tried to get it out of him several times, guess he's worried I'll go around him. He may be buying mail order for all I know. Ha Ha


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Which LFS's do you frequent for your SPS frags and/or colonies? I am always on the lookout for good shops in the LA area.



I pay anywhere from $15 to $100 depending on the size, color and rarity of the coral.

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Strickly Fish, I understand they have two locations, Lakewood and Garden Grove, I have only been to the Garden Grove store, and think they have about the best selection of healthy corals I have seen. Some times selections of SPS are limited because I have been told by the owner he will only buy the quality rather that quanity. I have had good luck with these guy's and I've heard from other shoppers that there Lakewood store is also very nice.


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What's the best place to mail order SPS frags? I absolutely can't get them locally. I've wanted some for a long time.

I wish I lived in a big city...


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Ive been to many wholesalers in LA and its funny how there are so much politics involved in corals as well. The corals are cherry picked and the best looking or most rare go to big name guys, friends of jobbers or to people who are willing to pay any price sometimes as much as $500 for an exotic piece. They are ready to be bagged and shipped to their end buyer as fast as they are unbagged from their trip from the islands. Kinda sad that hobbyists dont have a chance to purchase these pieces. You really got to know someone or have top dollar. So basically you will rarely or never see an exotic looking piece in a LFS, unless they got the connects.


I recently acquired a large colony of that limited edition tortuosa stag you are refferring to. I wouldnt have charged you an arm and a leg if you wanted it. Hehe. Nice coral BTW!

Ron Coleman has really nice stuff. Really depends on color and how rare and how much you are willing to pay for a frag.


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There is a place in Shelton CT that is starting to sell acro frags. A 3 inch frag is $140. Way to much to spend for a brown coral. Sad part is he can get these prices. Only place within miles that carries acros. A purple tip will run you well...lets just say your credit card company would love to get the interest on that purchase. I would go MO to get them if I were you.


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When it comes to price, I usually don't mind paying extra for nice healthy super colored heads. I'm not big on fragments and especially Tropicorium is almost in my back yard.

I got corals from Steve Tyree and they were very nice heads for $80-$130. I also got some great looking colored ones from Adam at for $50-$90 and I hand picked them. Adam has droped his prices in the last couple month & I think because he changed his supplier.

The only place I don't care for is FFE since they are very expensive and their corals come from Walt smith whom I not a big fan of. Walt Smith corals are not as nice as other suppliers & his corals are nothing but junk.


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Hey Steve--

Have you check out that new place on the Post Road in Milford?? I picked up a 4"x 4" elephant skin for $30.00. He has other SPS, some large, some small.
Are you sure it was $140 for a frag in Shelton?? Ive been there before and didnt get that impression of the store.



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My pink table came from Walt Smith.
How are you Sue? Hows the acros doing for you.
The price of Acro is getting Ridicules.

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