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Where's Argos? Northern IN? Well anyway, if you want to see the store i'm talking about here goes:
Petware House;Coldwater Rd. beside Wal-Mart
Petware House;Stellhorn Rd. on the corner of the plaza next to Subway and Arby's
The third Petware House is out south of Ft. Wayne, been there once and never again.
The worst place i've found for saltwater is 33 Aquarium on St. Rd. 33. It's between Ft. Wayne and Churubusco.

For you i'll tell the good LFS. In Ft. Wayne there is only one truly "good" store, Coral Reef on Clinton St. For a drive, there is Premium Aquatics, Inland Aquatics, Harbor Aquatics, and Aquatic Tech. All are no more than 3 hours away.



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tanzy: you are right about that, but thats in a pretty extreme case


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Im about 30min from Warsaw, off 30 and 31.
Theres a shop in Plymouth thats just as bad. Always a dead fish in each tank.


i had a good LFS "something Fishy" in richfield MN.
got good advice was told to check out mail order etc....I was happy.
havent needed anything untill yesterday (DT's and Some frozen food) about a month since my last visit.
Now i go in and there is a new this place rocks!
service is outstanding fish look better than before. lots of aquacultured corals the owner even offered me a break on some acros because he did not want to sell em to someone whos tank wasn't right for SPS. showed me around the back of the house and offered me a awsome price on a 250gal acrilyc corner tank that used to house a couple of unhappy sharks. Things is looking up!!

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