William?s 3 gal desktop pico reef


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Hell?s Kitchen,
I set this up as part of a contest in nano-reef, with the Intention that it would sit next to my freshwater planted pico

Aquarium??? specs:?
Tank??????: UNS???? 3N (2.9 gal)
Light: Kessil A80 tu?na blue with gooseneck , Ambient sunli?g?ht from south facing window
Filter: Azoo migno?n 150 with surface skimmer attachment
Heater: Marina Compact Heater
Auto-top off: XPAqua
Rock: Rubble from my RSR Nano, "shapes" rock
Sand: Sand from RSR nano, p?ulse a small amount of dry special ?grade

Fish Potential future options(1):?
Pike Blenny
Juninile clownfish??
Gumdrop coral croucher

Skunk Cleaner shrimp
Red Mithrax crab
Rainbow Bubble-tip Anemone
Mini-maxi carpet Anem?one
Green Bubble-tip Anemone (suicide by filter)
Various snails
Various hermits
Anemone shrimp
Sexy shrimp ??

Coral (all were taken from ?my RSR nano):
Katopora ?
Green acropora
Orange setosa
Red pocillopora ?
Orange leptastrea ?
Green Duncan x2
Dragon soul favia?
Zoanthids (random)
Purple frilly gorgonian
Blastomusa merletti ???
Red mushroom?
My goal is to add no? new coral afte?r June 1st

Here is the space before

Now with the tank in place

And fully set up

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Well done! These setups could benefit from a dark background that would add depth and bring out the colors in the livestock.

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