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It's now been 1 year since I first visited MR. I lurked, I admit it..and decided to stay anyway...lol
The name of my first post to say hi was 'One Toe In'...
I was trying to think of what to title this thread and remembered my first post and just went back & read it...I got a warm fuzzy feeling (probably the chair I'm sitting in..) when I read posts from folks who I've come know since then. You were funny (& nice) then, as you are now! This is one nice place!!!
..if you wanna look...

Anyway..wanted to post and let you now that I GOT MY BRAND SPANKING NEW AGA 120RR w/dual Megaflows TANK TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Doing a happy dance!!:flower:
Will try and get a pic up in a bit..

Did want to say a big fat THANK YOU to Awilda & Mike! Awilda dropped out of the sky today and instantly produced herself & her truck to help pick up my tank early today (and allowed my son to stay at work all day)..Thanks A - you are the BEST!!! :hug: And Slama, no.. Mountainreef, no ...Mike..who did a great job carrying & getting the tank to the truck & then down into my basement..and he did NOT drop it! :D Thanks Mike, appreciate all the help you've been with this!

I'll be starting a new tank thread soon for the upgrade from the 75 to the 120, I am as psyched now as I was when I set up the first tank.
I see lots of new ones going up lately! Way happy to be part of the folks moving it that direction :)

Thanks MR..I think I'll stick around a little longer. :approve:


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cant wait to see the new tank Kat.. :) im probabily going to be following suit with the 75 -> 120 upgrade hopefully to an oceanic tech tank by end of summer who knows.. gl with the new tank..


Barnum Island
Thanks guys & gals!!
Steven..ohh... nice an Oceanic? Do it!!!
Matt - I can't wait to see yours set up!!
Sure Crox, he carried it by himself..at one point he was spinning it on the tip of his finger :spin:, then he threw it down the stairs, ran past it, and caught it at the bottom...lol

The nice part in a change like this I get to keep the same lighting, fuge, skimmer..only going to change the sand bed in the DT (I will be seeding it with my old sand). Will probably put my Mandarins into my cube fuge for a week or two so the pods can build back up. The only major change aside from the tank will be the return pump, going with an external pump on this one.
The pic..I left it wrapped up for now. Will be working on dry fitting & positioning the plumbing and have work to do on cleaning up the stand.
Also going to cut a side 'door' into the stand so my current fuge can be slid in without disturbing it too much. AND I need to build a mesh cover for it due to my wrasses..and a canopy.


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No thanks needed Kat, more then happy to be of assistance. "That's what friends are for":hug: I'm sure you'll have an awesome tank in no time.


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sweet kathy. i hated getting rid of my 120. i should've had the moving company deliver it to PR. oh well(sigh). my fiance wouldn't have approved anyway :mad:

Kathy you are the WOman.


Barnum Island
Jon - I like your plan for your new smaller sized tank in PR! I'd love to be able to do a water change with just a pitcher of water :biglaugh:

JH - one of my FW tanks is going to benefit from the change..my Oscars are going into the 75 I'm taking down..though I might be taking down my Guppy tank..

Ahhhh Steve...the beautiful pieces I have from you will certainly be front & center (and finally up off the sand!)

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