Best saltwater fish stores in the area?


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new windsor
What are some of the best saltwater fish stores in the lower New York region? I am tired of the local petco's and would like to go somewhere that has a big variety of SW fish that will make my eyes light up haha. I live in New Windsor, it about an hour upstate from Manhattan.


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Fishtopia in Fishkill may be the closest to you. I have not been there but they supposedly have a nice selection.

Beitals in Pearl River may be OK as well. been years since I have been there.

I goto Beitals once in a while. He always has a decent amount in stock, but I am not crazy about how stocked the tanks are. Seems that he has too many fish in some tanks, and everytime I go there, there is at least a couple of dead fish in the tanks.


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Betails is over priced always has dead fish in tanks
Services sucks
He is more a store for tanks he services
Last 3 fish I bought from him died