A call for help! - moving a tank 10 ft


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Hi everyone,

Been a long time forum member since 2008 or so, got out of the hobby in 2010 and am now just getting back finally after a year of lurking.

I will be picking up a 150g reefsavvy tank and on sunday (Nov 20th) will need atleast two people to just help me unload the tank from the truck into my garage. Literally everyone I know capable of helping is traveling or out of town. :grumpy:

If you could help out, I would truly appreciate it... Willing to pay $30 per person to come help move it, I would pay in frags but those wont be available for a year or so :biggrin: so shoot me a message if you're in the area and are up for it and I will provide further details. I am located in Garrison, NY. Thanks!!