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hi my name is Jay I am interested in the 3 SPS are they still available?
You can text me @ 917-386-7809
I can give a few $ for the rocks tomorrow evening after 2:00pm. I work on 49th and Lex
973=418=1059 Keep me posted Thanks
Hey Bud,

I purchased one nem from you last year near Parsippany. It split within a few months but since then they have shrunk and lost their color (pale blue center with pink tips). Any idea why?
if you willing to drive to brooklyn i can get you a nice pack to start
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As far as the pack what do you got I don’t mind driving to Brooklyn beats goin to Long Island
Hey Kendall it's ken in Wyckoff. You had gotten some frags from me a few years ago.
Do you have any lps, softies, zoas or easy frags. I'm starting back up again. Thanks
Hey Ken. I just broke up a large green Pocillapora, I have 2 Gallaxia, 1 small light blue Rhodactis shrooms, zoas. Give me your cell and I'll send you pics

Is the Red Sea tank still available? The stand is white correct? And where are you located?
Tank was sold. Sorry for late reply
Hey man thanks again for setting me up with those really nice corals!! Gotta say that your setup definitely raised the bar on my long term goals in this hobby. Your frag tanks are awe inspiring and a reflection of years of experience and dedication! Look forward to stopping by again soon :)