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Time-Lapse Reef Video

Marine life in time lapse – 4K

This video shows marine life in time lapse and stunning 4K quality. Witness the revealed behavior of coral polyps, tube worms, tunicates, crinoids, starfish, urchins, flatworms and anemones! This footage was produced from about 15,000 24 Megapixel photographs, shot with a Nikon D610 equipped with a 60 mm Nikkor macro lens.

 I really love this new time-lapse video from Tim Wijgerde, showcasing the intricate structures, stunning colors, and fascinating behaviors of coral polyps, tube worms, tunicates, crinoids, starfish, urchins, flatworms and anemones.
The ultra close-up of the Tubastrea Black Sun Coral extending its polyps at 3:33 is especially cool.In the wild, this large polyp stony coral gets most of its nutritional needs from zooplankton, so it thrives in areas with lots of water movement and is most active at night, when its prey is more active and available. Since it is non-photosynthetic and azooxanthellate, it makes perfect sense that the coral would conserve its energy for the times when it can get a good meal. The Black Sun Coral, or Tubastrea micranthus, is actually considered to be a reef-building coral, as its skeleton is denser than most other corals on the reef, though its branches are quite fragile, and can break off easily. MORE

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DIY Recirculating PVC Protein Skimmer
08-20-2016 09:12 PM
by ravi197699
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Montipora capricornis (et al.)
by Geraud
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08-20-2016 12:37 PM
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We got hit by a squall in my boat.
by Paul B
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08-21-2016 11:12 AM
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