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I went to see Marc today. We were talking for over 3 hours that felt like 1/2 hour. Marc is a true reefer. They is nobody that can help you get started. Get you to understand this hobby and get awesome deals on coral. They are plenty of vendors out there. But no one will give you deals like Marc period. When I was there his phone was ringing and people knocking on his door. So he is back.....He hooked me up with 4 nice SPS frags that I couldn't find. All I can say is if your new and haven't met Marc. You are missing out. For those people that been in the hobby for time. One know him or at least heard about him. Marc is a person that if your into coral. I would say he is a guy you would want to know. Marc is a true guy and true reefer. You can follow him on Facebook Got Frags. The best thing you can do if your a reefer too.

100% agree he is also on twitter and Instagram
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