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I was wondering who my local Bronx reefers are good to have help in emergency..

I start with myself "brand" location Throgs neck looking to do some trading in future.


Also been trying to figure how to check feedback on users..???


Reef for life. .
Its past their bed times they have to get up early to dose their tanks with ginger coffee, bake nori muffins and flip snails right side up.

Really? ??? I don't know about u dude but here in THE BRONX! FRIDAY IT PARTY NIGHT!!! not like some people that just plant there face on a computer and wonder why life passing them by..:bagfish:
Hey Brand, Altho i grew up in the bx (CASTLEHILL) I now reside in westchester but I do have my tanks in my studio still in the bx (COLGATE) I Have a 90gal, 29gal biocube , 29 hi and two 10gals , and a 125 im thinking about sitting back up, so i guess u can say I'm reefaholic lol......


renegade reefer
This thread got my name all over am one craziest renegade reefer around these parts 3 am fragging water at 4 am water change then dose then one hour of sleep and then work the am dubs uptown bx by dyer

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