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  • Was sup dubs?. Long time no speak, I been waiting for to make me a nice frag pack for my office tank. I'm gonna pm you my number usnincase you lost it, thanks in advance.
    yo dubs whats good i have no need for my sea hare anymore i know u told me you wanted it when am done dont know if u still want it and i wanna c if you can give me more xenia that little rock you gave me i dont know i dont c them need a bigger chunk for my new set up yes its up am very happy and am available all day i put up the hare on the site but if you wanna trade me its yours 3479396491
    yo dubs i forgot to save your number please call me 3479396491 i changed my number or send me yours am gonna be in your area in about a hour if not i will go later call me so i can go today
    Hey what's up dubs I c u had posted about the free cheateo wondering if u got some left and wanted to know u offered me some xenia a while back does that offer still stand cuz I could use some
    Yo what up. Listen in case you interested my boy has about 60+ lbs of live rock going for $120 let me know if youre interested
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