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just looking to meet some peeps who love there tanks i have a92 gal bow front dont know how to add a pix to the thread but i am sure some one will let me know how got the site from DJ meet him at pet land also i am looking to get rid of a nice well taken care of niger trigger so i can drop something in my tank or sell anything will help. also i have a van if anyone needs help moveing something or picking up something for there tank cant charge you but donation for my tank will help i cant work due to tumor but i can help anyone tips are helpful i have my tank for about a year now
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always good to have someone so open to help others.....

I have an elephant i need transported to Signapore- think i can borrow ur van? lol

welcome to MR- enjoy the ride


Welcome to MR !!!!!!!!!!!!! Fltmax ,
Hmm a van you say ,any masks and some fire power :smokin: :shhh: JKING ,
have a fun time on the site.


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hehe nope hey just to add to love for ya all my sista just started her new store here is the site and if ya guys live around or near the bronx 784 E 163rd street candy boquet store 10% for you all just tell here fltmax her bro gave you the discount www.2170.candybouquet.com :bigeyes2:
WELCOME to MR fltmax. your really going to like this site. we have alot of fun here and help each other out. looks like your all ready to start helping hehe. post some pics of your tank when ya learn how.


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