Just Moved to Park Slope


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Hello All,

I just moved to park slope and am looking to get an idea of who's who in the area. I am at 3rd St. and 6th Ave. and have a 33G Reef. Looking to swap some frags, steal some critter filled sand and see the tanks in the area.

Frags I currently have available:

Blue Candy Canes
Red Monti Caps
Green Monti Caps
Green Frogspawns (kinda pathetic right now)
Kenya Tree (who doesn't have these...)
Orange Zoos

I'd post pics but hey, then no one would want to visit and see my tank.


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nice spot you're in. I'm not far at 7th and Flatbush. Don't have much in the way of corals to trade mostly frags and well, kenya tree but welcome to the neighborhood.