HELP! Accidentally poured the calcium test tube back into tank!


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So I just did the dumbest thing. I have a 30g tank, I was testing my calcium using API test and I had finished with my my test and poured the vile back into my tank. Vile included 5ml of water, 10 Drops solution #1 and 21 drops solution #2. Do i need to freak out right now? What is going to happen?! I have 2 SPS, a hammer, zoanthids and an anemone, 2 black clowns, 2 green goby clowns, 1 mandarin goby, 1 purple firefish, blood shrimp, 3 hermit crabs and 4 snails.

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It's such a small amount of water I wouldn't worry, plus one of them I think is just dye. Do a good size water change and run some carbon or a poly pad filter.