A great trip for everyone from New York, CMAC 2012 at Mohegan Sun


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Anyone from LI going? I'll drive. Gonna take the ferry from Orient. Just split the travel expenses. Probably gonna leave at 5-6am. Pm me, we'll figure it out.


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This just in !!!!

The Connecticut Area Reef Society is proud to announce that two special guests will be attending our 2012 Aquarium Conference on October 28th at the Mohegan Sun Casino.

We will have the opportunity to meet and greet with the stars of the hit television show Tanked featured on the Animal Planet channel.
Both Wayde King and Brett Raymer travel the country building some of the world?s most interesting and intricate acrylic aquariums.
If you are not fully aware of these seriously entertaining gentlemen, please watch the next and last episode of this season of Tanked on November 17th at 9 PM or view their website for more information here:

Wayde King, CEO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
Wayde King's love of fish began at an early age. Born and raised in Long Island, New York, Wayde has early memories of his mother and biological father, who was a fish dealer, and the multiple tanks they had in the basement of his home. At 14, he was cleaning aquariums in Long Island with his stepfather, Shelly, and over a decade later, he moved to Vegas to work for another company where he built and sold aquariums. The move to Vegas led to the building of a tank for a family that possessed the only thing he loves more than fish: his wife, Heather. Heather's father, Irwin, recognized Wayde's zeal for fish and partnered with Wayde to help him hone his expertise of tanks and fish and grow both into a successful business.
Today, Wayde is living his dream designing and manufacturing some of the largest and most extravagant acrylic tanks in the world. But this isn't just a business, it's a family adventure. By Wayde's side are his wife, his brother-in-law and chief operating officer, Brett, and his father-in-law. Working with family has been very challenging, but Wayde is happy to share the stress and success with the people he loves the most.

Wayde's love of animals doesn't stop at fish. In fact, it's hard for Wayde to name an animal he doesn't love. At home he has a Victorian bull dog named Prada and a Presa Canario named Rolex. At the office, two tabby cats and four large macaws roam freely throughout the warehouse. When Wayde is not working, he often is found scuba diving in his free time. On Wayde and Heather's honeymoon, they went scuba diving in Hawaii and on their second anniversary they went scuba diving in Mexico. When it comes to fish, Wayde is an expert and a perfectionist. With more than 34 years in the business, his goal is to not only keep the customer happy, but the fish as well. Wayde's passion and persistence have brought the business to new heights, and he hopes one day his daughters will be able to enjoy working in the legacy he's created.

Brett Raymer, COO, Acrylic Tank Manufacturing
Brett Raymer is the COO of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM), and you couldn't build a tank big enough to hold his larger-than-life ideas and personality. Originally from Brooklyn, New York and ever ready to take on a new venture, Brett jumped at the opportunity to help his family create their tank-building dream in Las Vegas. Wayde and Brett started the company before Wayde and Heather were married and the company is still thriving. Known for his ability to wheel and deal and his somewhat impulsive confidence, Brett has brought Wayde some of his most loyal clients. Though some days Wayde wishes Brett would slow down, Brett believes that if you can dream it, ATM can build it. He said seeing the face of someone enjoying a tank is priceless.

Growing up, Brett went to Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn. He excelled in athletics including tennis, football and swimming. Now, Brett prefers sports from the sidelines, bringing his years of experience and enthusiasm to his daughter?s volleyball team, which he coaches. He is a single dad, and when he?s not caring for fish and fish tanks, he?s spending time with his two children, Kayla and Bryce.
Don?t miss this opportunity to meet these stars in person!



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Hello All,

Below you will find our schedule of events for this coming Sunday.

I will post the speaker names to the time slots once I finalize all tranportation details. I'm guessing I'll have that detail wrapped up by Wednesday at the latest.

This is our best guess at a schedule at this moment in time:

8:00-8:30 Conference Opens ? Registration Table Opens

8:30-9:30 First Speaker Presentation / Vendor Room Opens [1 hour]

9:30-9:45 First Speaker Q/A Session [15 mins]

9:45-10:30 Break [45 mins]

10:30-11:30 Second Speaker Presentation [1 hour]

11:30-11:45 Second Speaker Q/A Session [15 mins]

11:45-1:00 Lunch Break [1 hour, 15 mins]

1:00-2:00 Third Speaker Presentation [1 hour]

2:00-2:15 Third Speaker Presentation Q/A Session [15 mins]

2:15-4:15 Meet the Stars of 'Tanked' / Vendor Room Open [2 hours]

4:15-5:00 Club Raffle [45 mins]

5:00 Conference Close


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Who's gonna be there?
Below is a list of the vendors who will be present at CMAC 2012.

Please note that this list is in no particular order:

If I misspeak or misspell, first I apologize in advance and second, Eric, James & Charlene, please chime in and set me right

Dirk's Dry Goods

Pacific East Aquaculture

Aqua Dreams Aquarium

Jason Fox Signature Corals

Puppy Center and Aquarium

Glass Cages

Reef Breeders LEDs

Acrylic Tank Manufacturers (ATM)

Reef Creations

Marine Farmers

Reef Nutrition

AZnutty's Saltwater Connection

NY Coral King

Reef Rocks


Unique Corals

Fathom LED

Boston Aqua Farms

MASNA - Marine Aquarium Societies of North America

CTARS - Connecicut Area Reef Society


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The early bird registration is now over. The BOD has decided that we will give you $5 off the entry if you bring a non perishable food item. Thanksgiving is around the corner people can use the help so bring an item get $5 off bringing the cost to $25 this way we all save.


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So some of you folks may have heard through the grapevine that there might just be a ?Frankenstorm? coming. * But not to CMAC ? at least I?m still a hopeless romantic!

This storm has caused two of our original speakers to politely decline from coming on Sunday due to the potential for really bad and quite possibly dangerous traveling conditions. Some hurricane track models have CT as close to the area of landfall, but we just don?t know for sure.

Both Murray Camp and Christine Williams let them know yesterday about their concerns of potentially having to travel poor weather. They told them to do what?s best and that safety is first.

Lastly, just prior to their meet and greet, the gentlemen Wayde King and Brett Raymer will give us a quick 30 minute background talk about who they are, what they do, etc.
So, as of right now (Saturday the 27th at 9:53 AM) our schedule of events is as follows:

8:00-8:30 Conference Opens ? Registration Table Opens

8:30-9:00 Vendor Room Opens

9:00-10:00 Steven Pro Presentation / Vendor Room Opens [1 hour]

10:00-10:15 Steven ProQ/A Session [15 mins]

10:15-10:30 Break [15 mins]

10:30-11:30 Marc Levinson Presentation [1 hour]

11:30-11:45 Marc Levinson Q/A Session [15 mins]

11:45-1:00 Lunch Break [1 hour, 15 mins]

1:00-1:45 Justin Credebel Presentation [45 min]

1:45-2:15 Wayde and Brett from Acrylic Tank Manufacturing ATM also from the hit TV show

'Tanked' will do a quick talk and then our meet and Session [30 mins]

2:15-4:15 Meet the Stars of 'Tanked'[2 hours]

4:15-5:00 Club Raffle [45 mins]

5:00 Conference Close -Thank you all so very much


Again, to the best of my ability:

Marc Levinson:

"Sumps 101"

Everything you need to know to make and informed decision.

This topic covers everything conceivable to planning and installing a sump, including plumbing, electrical, tank stands, sump layouts, refugiums, lighting, evaporated water top off, and what to avoid..

Justin Credebel:

Goniopora Care and Hydrogen Peroxide Use:

A review of Goniopora care, including system care, installing a system deshings, species requirements, and feeding.

Also a primer on hydrogen peroxide and its use for pest removal and algae control.

I hope this information helps!