New England Frag Farmer's Market - Storrs CT 3/3/18


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Storrs CT
Its back!!!!

Looking to be bigger and better than ever, with a TON of vendors + companies, and more corals that anyone should ever have in one place. If you need any info, or have would like to get involved, shoot me a PM. Hope to see all of my NY brothers and sisters out for this one!


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Storrs CT
Here is the preliminary list of sellers for the 2018 FFM. This is only the coral vendors, not any of the companies that will be there!

AC Corals
Alex's Advanced Aquatics
AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections
Blake?s Aquaden
Blue View Aquatics
Captain Cook's Corals
Cherry Corals
Coral Emporium
Coral Reef Connection
Credable Coral Labs
Dirk?s Aquatics
Dr. Salomon Corals
E.O. Smith Coral Project
European Aquatics
Exotic Fish and Corals
Fins Aquarium
Frag Freaks
Gotham Aquatics
Greg Polec
Greg Demos - Aquacultured Acropora
Greg Hiller
Green Mountain Corals
Headie Corals
Jason Foxx
King Pin Coral
Kyle Lanoue
Manny Cabral
Marine Science Magnet School
NY Coral King
Ocean State Aquatics
Pacific East Aquaculture
Pieces of the Ocean
Reef Creations
Rick W.
Rock Hard Reefs
RTMA Corals
School of Fish
Sheltered Reef
Shoreline Pet
Sick Twist'd Corals
Son and Sand
Speedy Corals
Supreme Reefs
Tank Breakers
TJM Corals
TSM Corals
The Coral Reef
The Reef Shoppe
Ultimate Corals
Underwater Bliss
Wet Pets


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Storrs CT
Only a month to go before the biggest swap around! I have a few changes to the seller list and have a few other announcements to make- stay tuned!


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Storrs CT

Here is a promotion that I have set-up with Red Sea for this year's FFM. It was an opportunity to get the LFS more business leading up to the FFM.
So far the list of participating shops is:

Wet Pets - Vernon CT
Shoreline Pet & Aquarium- Old Saybrook CT
Ocean State Aquatics - Coventry RI
Credible Coral Labs (Justin Credabel) - New London, CT
Aquadreams - Feeding Hills, MA
Colchester Pet ? Colchester, CT
School of Fish- Springfield, MA
Blake?s Aqua Den ? Meriden, CT
Aquatic Creations ? Nashua, NH
Coral Reef Connection - Sinking Spring PA

If any of the NY shops would like to take part, just shoot me a PM and I can add you to the list of participating stores!


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Hi everyone, i hope the right person will read this post.

is anyone here live close to Iconic Aquariums in NJ that will be going to this event? please PM me. if you can pickup something for me and i will pay you $20.


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Manhattan Reefs
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Westchester, N.Y
Every year I want to go. I know it's one of the best frag show and biggest selection of sellers. It's about 2 hour drive which not to bad. I do need to restock my frag tank. I must talk myself to go. Hope to be there this year.

Reef Trends
Manhattan Reefs
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Honestly is one of the best shows really just in the format of it because so many hobbyists and shops alike the selection and prices are second to none. Plus there isn't that corporate feel its just a bunch of reef nuts getting together and getting their fix. Just all around great event oh and the raffle is pretty awesome :) Just as a teaser we will be giving a way an Innovative Marine 25g AIO with lights, wavemaker and other parts plus a skimmer and dosing container but there are tons of cool raffle prizes.


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Storrs CT
Here is the updated list of vendors for the FFM this year. All I can say is WOW that is a lot of corals under one roof! If you have never been, it is definitely worth the trip!

Coral Vendors - my apologies to anyone whose home state I incorrectly labeled!
AC Corals -CT
Alex's Advanced Aquatics - CT
Aresangel -MA
Aquadreams -MA
Aquaspaces - NY
AZNnutty's Saltwater Connections - OH
Blake's Aquaden -CT
Blastomaster -CT
Blue View Aquatics - MA
Cherry Corals -MI
Colchester Pet - CT
Coral Emporium - VA
Coral Reef Connection - PA
Credable Coral Labs -CT
DBReef - MA
Dr. Salomon Corals - RI
Elmafioso52988 - MA
E.O. Smith Coral Project - CT
European Aquatics - CT
Exotic Fish and Corals - CT
Fins Aquarium - NY
Frag Freaks - MA
Frank180Reef - MA
Gotham Aquatics - NY
Greg Polec - ???
Greg Demos - Aquacultured Acropora - ???
Greg Hiller - MA
Headie Corals - CT
Jason Foxx - MD
King Pin Coral - NY
Kwong1998 - NY
Kyle Lanoue - ???
Manny Cabral - ???
Marine Science Magnet School - CT
Matt Spaulding - VT
Micheal Reeve (Underwater Bliss) - CT
NY Coral King - NY
Ocean State Aquatics - RI
Pablo - NY
Paulywalnuts - CT
Pacific East Aquaculture - MD
Pieces of the Ocean - NY
Pop Corals - NY
Reef Creations - NY
Rick Correira - MA
Rick W. - ???
RTMA Corals - CT
School of Fish - MA
Sheltered Reef - NY
Shoreline Pet - CT
Sick and Twisted Corals - CT
Son and Sand - ME
Speedy Corals - CT
SteelerMike - RI
Supreme Reefs - VA
Tank Breakers - CT
TJM Corals - NJ
TSM Corals - NJ
The Coral Reef - CT
The Reef Shoppe - NY
Triggreef - CT
Ultimate Corals - NJ
Usctom -NY
Wet Pets - CT - UT

Non- Coral Vendors
Aquatic Creations
Boston Aqua Farms
Champion Lighting
Dirks Aquatics
Hanna Instruments
Mike?s Phyto
Neptune Systems
Polyp Labs
Red Sea
Reef Breeders
Reef News Network
Reef Nutrition
Reef Rax
Reef Trends
Reef Weeds
Rock Hard Reefs
Rod?s Food
Tropic Marin



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Storrs CT
Have you come every year? There are only a few who have been in the hobby long enough and were lucky enough to give those early years a shot!


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Storrs CT
You missed the big ones? You have to come out this year. You will be floored at how big it has gotten! Stop by and say hi! Its been a long time!