Frag size does matter


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We all have acquired different sized frags, and as we have observed time and again, survivability of small frags has been challenged. Whenever our newly acquired or propagated frag didn't survive, we'll ask, is it our water quality, tank stability, good husbandry or it all starts in the size of the frag in the first place. Let's take a look at the science of "Smarter frags"

For vendors and occasional enterpreneurs ( Including myself in the future, maybe...), lets reflect, set aside the "Corporate America" mentality (i.e. profit) and uphold the Ethical coral propagation. I say ethical for we should think about the survivability of these animals, thereby saving corals in the wild, and understand that it invoves the hard earned money of our fellow reefer.


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Great read! Thanks for the article.

Just some food for thought. "Corporate America" mentality would already have worked out the perfect frag size to have 100% survivability + best growth rate to maximize their profits. Its not a corporate america mentality, its just general greed and/or stupidity thats based in the people themselves and that is present everywhere. The majority of small frags I see/get are from peoples tanks, not from the fish stores, not from vendors, not from anywhere where they see that there is a higher survivability rate off a slightly larger frag. People are happier = more sales = better profits. This is what separates a good business from a failing one.

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