MR DBTC- Randys SEXY Psammacora


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A small maybe 1 inch piece of this sexy bright green coral. It's an SPS and I would like for it to go to someone who can properly care for it.

1. You must donate the first two frags back to the DBTC program.
2. You must come pick up at my place in Park Slope.
3. If I lose my colony, you must give your first frag back to me.
4. I have the final say in who gets the coral.
5. No "dibbing", please I'll just overlook it and go to the next person. If you're interest, say you'd like to give it a shot.
6. If the frag is showing signs of distress in your system, please repost it here in hopes of finding a better home.

No pics. It's in the coral database here.



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Pociliopora Sp. - You will receive a nice size multibranch frag of a Pociliopora Sp. (pic below)This is an excellent starter SPS. This particular specimen was acquired from Maxpower 2112 as a small colony almost two years ago, when he took down his tank. His tank was an Advanced Aquarist