More Free Kenya Tree Frags


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Hey All,

I have some more frags of Kenya Trees available and figured I would pass them on to some folks on the site. Due to some misunderstandings last time, let me clearly state the rules...

1. They are my corals and I have been caring for them for awhile now. I will give them to whomever I want. I could honestly care less if you are the first one to post on the thread.

2. There is no dibbing.

3. You have to be a Donor to MR.

4. Pick-up is at 82nd and West End. Repeat, pick-up is at 82nd and West End. A third time...Pick-up is at 82nd and West End.

5. You must promise to only give away any frags you get from the coral.

6. If you come over and complain about the size of the free frag, I will pour skimmate on you ;) Frags grow. That's the whole point....

ok, i hope that covers it. i am crazy busy this month, but i am generally home during the week after 9pm or so.