Cactus Pavona - SPS/Hard Corals

Dj Orion

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Dj Orion's DBTC.... SPS / Hard Corals

This will NOT immediately increase the number of corals/frags in the community, but it will help improve our diversification.

I will give one frag of Cactus Pavona to the first person who agrees to join the ring, you do so by posting in this thread that you want it.

You have one week to pick up the frag. After you get the frag, you will post one of your own frags on this thread and someone else will offer to take it. This will continue until I decide to close the ring, at which time I will take the active frag and the ring will end (I will probably keep it running for a long time to see how far we can get).

You must post a different frag than the one you are getting. You may not sell the frag you get. You have one week to find someone else to take over the ring by taking your frag (the new one you are offering). If no one wants to take your frag, it probably means you are not offering anything good and you will have to list another frag in order to keep the ring going. For this particular ring, we will only trade mounted hard corals / SPS, This includes any LPS ie. Chalices, SPS, e.t.c. or any coral that the majority of it is stony.

To summarize:

I list a frag
You post saying you want the frag and will take over the ring
You pick up the frag from me
You have one week to find someone else to take over the ring
You post a frag and if someone takes it, you are finished with your responsibilities in the ring.

Basically this is a BREAK EVEN strategy based on paying it forward.

I will start the ring with a mounted frag of Cactus Pavona, pictured here under 8 t5's.

Pickup in Suffolk (Patchogue) PM me for a time to make arrangements for pickup.

p.s. Thanks Josh for writing the original version of these rules. Your ring was very successful for its run, and I felt that many people benefited from it including myself.


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I'm down. I gave something away on the ring shortly before it died but the recipient ( pinkheine ) has posted a photo somewhere. They were mushrooms so some time will pass before they multiply enough for her to pass some along. Anyways I think the problem for us islanders is that few people can/want to make the trip this far out so I'll take this frag if noone else claims it. PM sent.