Green arco with Lime Green Poylps


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Flushing, NYC
I'm offering an Acro with lime green polyp. It grows/branches out like a stag. It's a very easy and fast growing piece. The piece I'm offering was snapped off accidently while aquascaping after the SWAP. It's about 3 1/2" long branching.

1. You must offer a frag of something (SPS) to Mr. DBTC before you pick it up.
2. You must pick it up from me, I am in Flushing (11354) or can be picked up from my work place in Manhattan (10013). If I lose the mother colony, you must offer me a frag.
4. I have final say on who gets the coral although this is a very easy coral to grow and is a starter Sps. You must Pm me your tank paremeters.
5. I can change the rules of this offering.
6. And finally you must offer all future frags of this coral as MR DBTC and require all to whom you give it, to do the same.

Here's a pic of the colony.