DBTC: Pulsing Xenia - unmounted


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New Rochelle, NY
I have a bush of pulsing xenia (about 1") living on my tank's glass. This is grayish-purple variety with a single stem (7/8"), long necks (1/2") and long "tentacles" (1/4"). All measurements are ruff approximations. Your bush/frag will be freshly scraped off the glass and be unmounted.

I will give it to someone who:
1. Has established tank - PM me your tank's setup.
2. Promises to give next bush you get from mine back into this thread.
3. Promises to give me new bush if I lose my colony.
4. Picks it up from me (New Rochelle or Grand Central Terminal).
Hope someone will want some of my Xenia!
P.S. Pics are HORRIBLE, so no pics.