DBTC: blue cespitularia


Manhattan Reefs
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Bay Ridge, BK
DBTC: silver branch xenia (pulsing)

It pulses when it feels like it and the "polyps" have a blue/silver glow to them. Pretty sweet coral. The coral is in the center of this pic, you will be getting a frag from that with easily 20+ heads/polyps. Only 1 rule for this:

1. You can't ever sell it, you must give it away (in this thread if possible), no excuses or exceptions.

You don't need to start up another thread for another DBTC coral unless you really want to , this is pretty much a freebie that should never be used for profit.

That's it. Pickup is in Bay Ridge (77th st stop) most weekdays after 4:30. I'm around tonight as well if anyone is in a rush.


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