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Elizabeth, NJ
I live in Elizabeth NJ, so pick-up's are made in Elizabeth. Here's my number 908-906-7276, ask for Paul or just PM me. I'm not asking for anything, only a home for these corals. I hate to dispose of them :frown:.Keep checking on me, as I will post more when available. Here's what I have available now.

1 - 2" green Montipora capricornis
1 - 2" mustard green Montipora cunfusa
3 - 1.5" purple polyp Stylophora
1 - 2" gold polyp Stylophora

Keep in mind, that these corals were all originaly from a aquaculture facility and have been properly acclimated to home aquaria. May I add, that all these corals are very easy to keep. Even the SPS.
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You don't care
Right. If you are giving them to someone here regardless if you paid for them or not, it is probably safe to say that if the person you give them to sells them after getting them for free from you, that member is pretty much a POS.


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ooo yeah yeah i kno that tskkkk if u would like to trade for them i can also do that so we both come out winning i kno u wanna give them away but i wanna give u sumthing in return i dont like takein things 4 free not that its bad but i feel sum type of way about that


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Hey Pauli,

I do the same thing. It's good to see others sharing on here. I say the same thing about trying to sell what I give away. Besides being called a dirtbag, they should be banned from profiting on someone else's generosity. What comes around goes around. Thumbs up to you man.

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