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  • hey =) whats up? could u help answer my new threads i just posted? ones in reef for beginners and one in identification
    Dude, I have some more things available if you haven't noticed. Look at the same post as last time (corals up for donation).
    hey onetimer how u doing hows ur tank i mthink i finaly got the kinks out of mine pm me ur a very nice person god bless
    I can throw you some colt coral - but I have no other livestock I purchased the tank to replace my 120 that I'm setting up as a FOWLR but decided that it was not worth having to move everything over just to have a RR for a FOWLR. I have an overflow on my 120. Are you looking for the dimensions of the stand for the sump- is this what you want the pic for?
    does it come with the livestock??? can you send a pic of the sump area for me? i deffinatly need something soon ... ill give u a call if its what im looking for thanx!
    hello im new here , up late . have a quick question about coralline enough!
    There are people that'll recommend the "Durso" because they just don't get that there's a difference...When you have a hang-on overflow, like you do, the Stockman standpipe, which is a variation of the Durso is the one to use on the overflow to silence it. This was told to me by Durso himself when I had the problem. He said that his design is too big for the hang-on kind of overflow, of which I have two 600-gph overflows. It's really easy...If I could do it, I'm sure anyone can...It's been six years now and not a sound from my system....Alan
    Hey bud. Do u still have that sun coral frag? I am interested in that, if u want to use the sun coral as part of your trade for the oceanic cube. And sinxe I got a great deal on my solana, I'd be willing to help another reefer get the tank they really want at a lower price. Let me know.


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