RO/DI filter changing and TDS


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whenever i needed all new filters i ended up just buying a new unit but this time around i just changed out the 2 carbons and micron filter along with new di resin.before i changed it out TDS was 1 after i changed all that TDS read this because i have to run it for a few gallons.i just got the TDS meter so it should be good.


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Duke you need to run a few gallons through it. I just put new filters in mine and had the same thing.I let it run for an hour and I went from eight TDS TO 0.


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The first minute or two each time you turn it on will have higher then normal TDS, but goes down gradually to normal.. usually 0 TDS unless its time to change something again


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if you let run five gallons or more and still are getting a TDS reading after changing the filters and DI then it's the membrane that needs to be changed as well..HTH

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