Glass for sump baffles


Manhattan Reefs
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Working on a 20g sump and wanted to know if anyone has any left over 1/4" glass or any other. I live in North Jersey and can locally pick up.

Let me know. Thanks


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Barnum Island
Not sure if this helps, but there is a place called canal st. plastics on canal st in manhattan that sells inexpensive sheets of acrylic, and they cut it for you.
Since the OP is looking for glass, one should assume he is using a 20g glass tank for his sump, so he does need to get glass baffles as you should not use acrylic baffles in a glass sump. It's glass with glass and acrylic baffles with an acrylic sump.

The best thing the OP can do is find a local glass shop (his local Yeklow Pages would be helpful for this) and bring the tank to them and have them cut to fit the sump..and have the top edge of the baffles sanded so they are not sharp.