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Hi all,

This is my first review of an item. I've been looking in the market for a device (controller) that would eliminate the octopus of wires in my from under my cabinet. I?ve found 2 affordable units entry units (Neptune Aquacontroller Jr. and the Reefkeeper 2). This review is only for the AC Jr.
I?ve purchase this unit from Premium aquatic from a group for approx. $194.90 for the controller, and $75 for the DC8 module (8 outlets) total cost of $269.90. This cost also included the backlight and comm.Port upgrade.
The unit has been up and running for about a week?s time, no problems and it took about 45minutes to configure the setting to the way I like my tank.
The AC JR is very flexible in the way it controller each outlet on the module. The controller comes out of the box pre-programmed for the following (2-lights, 1 heater, 1 chiller, 2 pumps, 1 Alarm, 1 ? calc. reactor) All the outlets can be renamed in the programming mode to your specific devices, and each outlet can be programmed on or off fair easily.
The controller comes with the following inputs: Ph probe, Temp. probe, comm. Port. The ph probe is an option for the unit and must be purchased separately. The temperature probe is hard wired to the controller. The communication port is an upgrade for this unit and is also an option. The only function for this port is to connect to Aqua notes, which is a data base program from Neptune systems.
The programming language of this unit is fairly easy, and can be done via pressing the select and up/down keys. The programming language is in ?English? with logic syntax so it?s fairly easy to modify.
The unit also has a configurable ?Feeding mode?, when you press the feeding button it will stop the return pump for a set amount of time and then turn everything back on again.
So far I found that AC Jr. is very flexible in the way of programming, inexpensive for an entry level controller for small to medium tanks.
Picture of A.C. Jr. unit is from Neptune Systems.


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I cant imagine how i used to run my tank without this. deffinitely much better than all those timers i used to have and it is much more flexible.
I run mine with DC4HD's to avoid any reliability issues with X-10.