Al Prime or Hydra 26 HD


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Wondering if Al Prime is suitable for growing SPS in a Nuvo 40 Gallon tank (24x20x19)? I am trying to decided between Al Prime and Al Hydra 26 HD. There is $150 price difference between them.

I am planing to grow the following SPS:

Seriatopora (Bird of Paradise, Ponape Birdsnest, Red Birdsnest)
Monitpora Digitata
POCILLOPORA ( Green Damicornis )

I would hope to go with Al Prime if possible since its only $200.


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I had same setup.
I say no on the prime.
Possibly on the 26, depending on the aquascape.

I ran a Kessil 360, then switched to a 52hd. The 52 was the best of them.

I ran the 26 over my frag tank 24x20 and the spread wasn't enough for full sps coverage, so just think that was only 8" deep, not 20" either.

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