Which LED for mixed 48x24x24


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'Lo all.

I am trying to decide which LED setup I should put on my new 48 x 24 x 24.
It'll be a mixed reef environment - not so much SPS.

Available I have:

2 x Pacific Sun Trition s
2 x AI Hydra 52
2 x AI Vega

I could put the 2 x PAC Suns on, or 2 x Hydra 52s, or all of the AI fixtures.
All the AIs would be controlled by the same web interface as will the PAC Suns.


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Use two 52's, but I don't believe any led spread, I double them up.

I'm looking to build a 60x30x16 for the new house, (just need to close this escrow),
I'm thinking to put x1- 52 & x5-6- 26's