Skimmer Good enough for 240g


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Really depends how many and what kind of fish. Also it is rated for max 150G and usually manufacturers overestimate for marketing reasons so I doubt it's big enough IMO


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Aquamaxx ConeS CO-3. I have the JNS co2(same skimmer as aquamaxx)on my 110 and it skims some nasty smelly crap lol


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aqua c ev 120 is for a 120 gal max, and those skimmers aren't that good imo. Think Reef octopus is the best bang for buck these days. Would also get an internal skimmer. One that sits outside the sump is a flood waiting to happen.
check linky

BRS is a good place to lookas well. Good prices and they only carry skimmers that'r tried and true.

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