Vortech anti sync or Sync


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Sup guys, I need some help with setting up my MP10 and MP40.

My tank dimensions is 36x20x21

MP40 on the left side and MP10 on the right. I use reef link to adjust he settings.

I understand that the master pump should be MP40 and slave should be MP10.

I am confused as to how anti sync works and which would be better anti or sync.


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Not sure why but there doesn't seem to be alot info out there. I have asked the same questions trying to figure out the most efficient water movement. I have tried both, still experimenting. Haven't found one that seems to head and shoulders above the rest.

Really depends what your trying to accomplish


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To put it simply sync means both do the same mode, same speed, at the same time. Anti means same mode, opposite speeds, at opposite times.
When you set % of flow it gets a lil move confusing. The master is what it is. The slave is a percentage of what the master's % is set to.

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