Mp40's won't stick


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Does anyone have a remedy to get these too stick/stay put on the glass? I wiped the glass area where I'm putting the pumps with vinegar. I let it dry. Put the black rubber circle on to the tank. It wouldn't stick like I see in the videos. I hold it with my hand and place the wet side into the tank to where I beleive it will connect with the dry side, plug it up and the wet side falls to the bottom. Measured the glass thickness on the sides and its 1/2 inch thick. Still didn't work. Tried moving the dial to 5/8 on the dry side and no luck. Any suggestions?


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They should hold perfectly. Is the wet side jammed up? Can you spin the impeller with your hand easily? The magnet should be plenty strong enough to hold. Mine are on 3/4" thick starphire and it holds.


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What everyone said...don't use the rubber spacer and double check the pin/spacer alignment is correct.

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