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Hi All,

I've had my tank for over a year now, mostly LPS at the moment. I had a crisis with the custom LED lighting that came with the tank (bad wiring, no colors), so I bought a new AI Hydra 52. I thought when I originally set it up, I made the wattage too strong, killing my beautiful SPS colonies and closing up my GSP, Duncans and Cloves. I see the LPS briefly after a 15% water change (60 gal) but they close right back up after a few hours. I checked my parameters and they are all golden except a touch high NO3 at about 25ppm.
However, now I'm beginning to think my lights are too low. I have them at about 44W at peak, for about 7 hours. If you're familiar with the Hyrda controlling, they automatically build up and down before peak. I have moonlight on for about 3 hours after the build down, and off completely for about 6 hours. The blues dominate at about 55%, low other colors around 20% and then UV at 22% for a total of 44 watts. I've also watched my livestock, they don't seem to be nipping at anything. The GSP has a little bit of brown algae that I can scrub off easily with no effect. Even with everything closed for over 3 weeks now, I don't notice any death to the LPS. Colonies are just closed and of course not growing.

Is this too low for the LPS I own? And if so, would this cause them to close up like that?

Thanks everyone.
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