question about 6ft tank lights


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currently running a 6ft 8 x 39w(two rows of 4 bulbs) t5 ho fixture over my 6ft 125. it has 2- aquatic life 420/460 bulbs, 2- ati aquablue special bulbs, 2- giesemann actinic blue bulbs and 2- giesemann power chrome super actinic bulbs.

i have a bunch of questions:

i need new bulbs again please tell me what i should have. think i don't have enough white/daylight/sunlight so was considering getting 2 or 4 giesemann aquable azure bulbs and either 4 or 6 giesemann actinic blue bulbs for the blue color. would this combo work? should i run 6 actinic and 2 aqublue azure or 4 and 4?

fixture has 2 channels that control 4 bulbs each one labeled white one labeled blue.
right now blue is on 10-6 and white is on 12-4 is that long enough?

i'm pretty sure i need more light or better lights in general. for now was going to add 2x 36" actinic blue led strips to supplement what i currently have how much if at all will this help? how much would 4 or 6 help would i still need another fixture?

was looking into maybe replacing lights but prices are insane new looked at:
72" odyssea fixture on ebay for $470 has 3x 250w mh 4x 80w t5
72" cebu sun $1080 same specs as ebay one but from a reputable online vendor

really wanna go led:
might be able to convince the wife to let me get 3 kessils with the goosenecks and controller but i'm afraid three is not enough and i won't be happy with the color spectrum figure would cost about $1500 new

my dream would be 3 radion xr30 gen 4 pros but i think ill be single if i spend $2700 on lights. should i just just try to get some used gen3 or gen2 on here? is the pro model really worth the extra money?