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Upgrading to an IM 40g. I have an Aquamaxx HOB 1 on my JBJ 28g now. I'd like to keep the new tank and clean from clutter as possible. Looking for skimmer recommendations for a skimmer that will fit in the rear chamber of the IM 40. Either the IM Ghot medium or the Tunze 9004. OR should I just keep the HOB 1?

Any help would be appreciated.



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The pls 50 skimmer is awesome I use to have it with that tank it was a nice skimmer...the tunes 9004 doesn't fit...I bought it used off another reefer here and had to sell the next day...I also had the ghost when I first set it up and I had micro bubble issues with it...your best bet IMO is the aquamax you have or the pls

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