Best way to put leds over my 155 gallon bow front


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Hey I have a 155 Gallon bow front aquarium and was wanting to know the best way i can put leds over my whole tank to grow my coral i am using halides right now and want to get ride of them and put leds on the tank for around $ 400.00 any suggestions maybe the Chinese leds but don't know which ones and how many. also i want the hanging kit to be the one that fits on the back and bends over the aquarium. any suggestions Thanks


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You would orient those lights length wise vs the way he has it setup now. Your 155g bow is not as wide as his tank so the 3 across would work well for you. You would have to figure out how to mount them because his light rack will not work for you and also with a $400 budget, there is not much out there.