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Looking to get new lighting for my tank. Plain and simple eco tech is out of the question. I am debating between the Hydra 26 and corona rapid led. Mostly looking to grow lps and maybe sps in the future. Corona has a 18 month warranty which is why I am leaning towards them.

Has anyone have experience with the corona led ? Better than the Hydra 26 ? Lmk
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I got 3 hydra 26hd 2 for my 80 gallon and 1 for my 14 gallong bio cube. The product itself is great for the price. Im currently under the acclimation mode for the saxby light schedule and what little coralsni have are coloring up nice. I just has some basic lps and zoas till i get my params in check. Facebook has a good forum for AI users so you can share and download schedules. The AI tech support is a little eeehh, i contacted them for help and they directed me to reef central, so if you do get it be prepared. Light are really bright and the par readings are good according to their specs.


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Bergen County NJ
No experience with the corona.

Running a hydra 26 hd for 4 months now.

Very easy to control with a cell phone and good range of colors and intensities. Created my own light schedule and intensities based on something similar to what I was doing with the previous T5 lighting. Tweaked it a few times based on the corals response to it.

Zoas, softies, lps and sps all experiencing fair to moderate growth.

I'd consider Al's on all future tanks as well...

Not looking to hijack the thread, but maybe other's could post their light schedules as examples.