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wats a good refugium light goin full blown triton method on my 120 i wanted the h380 but i c reviews online saying it distributes heat to the tank other than that its a great light any help will be appreciated


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The H380 is extremely powerful and grows cheato. I use 2 on my refugium and they put out so much light that my PH is higher at night then during the day. I have been tweaking the schedule on them in order to have them keep my PH more stable. It's an extremely good light for a refugium, you won't regret using it.


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What about the Amazon UFO. It?s only like $40. Fish of hex on YouTube used it also and gave it a pretty good review. If I had a sump I?d get that one.


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Switched from $25 Amazon grow bulb to an h80 2 weeks ago.
So far so good.
Still acclimating...
I don't notice a heat difference...
Can always run a small fan

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