Hydra 26


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Hello. Recently I upgraded my light to 6 x hydra 26hd. Playing with settings but just can?t found the perfect setting to please my eyes 100%.
So if you are user of AI hydras and if you like to share your settings will be nice to see how your tank looks like.


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Yep. Pretty much everything so far. Lol.

After hours of playing I realized every room and tank looks different. Don?t get me wrong I like the light just so far can?t found that sweet spot.

Ok , I?m using 26hd on my nuvo 20 with David saxby low light preset and all my sps and lps love it


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I like the Saxby schedule..looks very natural. I run something similar without the ups and downs. More of just a smooth ramp up that peaks at only 55% intensity and the ramps down. 10 hours from start to finish. Corals seem to be doing ok on it.

Some of the schedules on the AI site are very extreme and not so appealing to the eye.

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