Deep Blue Professional 60 Gallon Rimless


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Hello Everybody,
Does anybody runs reef in Deep Blue Professional 60 Gallon Rimless Reef-Ready Frag Tank Deep?
I am planing to get that tank but a little suspicious that it maybe a very shallow (?)
Currently have 30G version of it, and I'm limited on my fish selection

Maybe you can share a picture so I can see how it looks scaped.
I google it, but nothing interesting in the search result

Any input on this subject will be greatly appreciated



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The 60 will be a bit hard to scape because of how shallow. I think you would be better off with the 80 gallon version

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The stand I actually traded for helped a fellow reefer out on a new build in exchange for it. I will try to post a full tank/stand shot when I can.

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