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Hey everybody,

I am looking to automate my water changes and need a recommendation for 2 pieces of equipment. I'll first explain my setup and then what I am looking for.

My RODI filter is mounter under my kitchen sink. There is a drain line installed directly into the plumbing from the sink and the 'clean' water is attached to a 30ft pvc tube.

My tank is in the office and there is a 4 gallon container that I use for top off water. I can now insert the 30ft tube into the container fill up my top off container once a week. It works great! I have an Tunze Water Level Controller 5017 auto topoff pump that pumps water into the sump when needed. This too works as designed.

I think there may be 2 solutions to my desired setup - one internal and one external. I would like a new pump that is similar in size to the Tunze for that I can attach the Female end of of my 30ft tubing. I can drop this into the display tank and it will drain at a slow rate and empty the water into my kitchen sink. At the same time, I can use my top off container for fresh saltwater which will be pumped into my sump.

The second option is a bracket that will mount on the side of the tank and attach to the 30ft tube back to an external pump which I can place on my kitchen counter. It would be great if there is a way to attach the female connector to the external edge of the bracket.

I am also open to hearing what other reefers do to automate their water changes.

Any recommendations or experiences for this?

Thank you!