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I an running a RSM130 for last 5 years and am looking to make a the jump to a bigger tank so I can have more fish/coral options. Would like to do mixed reef but for SPS happy to stick with easier corals if that means less work. I like movement of softies and into colors and textures more than any specific type of coral.
My other goals with the new tank are to minimize maintenance tasks, reduce under tank clutter, keep it simple and to keep noise and power consumption(heat) down.

Would love to get some feedback and input on my proposed list:
Tank: Red Sea Reefer 425 XL deluxe in White
Lighting: 2x AI Hydra 26's that come with the deluxe model with plan to add a 3rd down the road for SPS
Controller: Apex Controller w/leak detection kit
Skimmer: Reef Octopus Regal 150 SSS
Return Pump: Apex Cor-20
Calk/alk: kalk stirrer w/ATO or dose 2-part (can't decide which route)
Flow: 2x Apex WAV
Rock: Marco dry rock w/ marinepure block in sump
Sand: TBD
Reactor: Avast spyglass running GFO/Carbon
Heater: 2x TBD but something not glass and reliable
Auto water changes: Apex DOS (plumped to basement) w/optical sensors for low NSW warning
ATO via Apex DOS or PMUP if I get get that to pump from basement

Thinking APEX COR and WAV over varios and mp40's to minimize cabinet clutter and keep things simple. No chiller planned as I've not needed on my current tank.

So what do you guys think of this setup? What do you like and what would you change?


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I think this is a pretty solid list. Is this a tank upgrade, or an additional tank? Any equipment from the old tank able to be used on the new system?


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may see more traffic in the general forum.

If you want to stay with the big names, there are some cheaper options in the skimz line...

Otherwise I think coralbox and aquamaxx have some which may be a bit cheaper.


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I have the same tank and here is a list of my equipment if you would like to compare.
Current Equipment
-3x Radion XR15 G4 PRO
-Vectra M1
-2x Mp10
-1 apex wav
-NYOS Quantom 160
-Tunze ATO
-Apex JR

Just a couple suggestions. If you plan on keeping a good amount of sps i would go with the dos and forget about the kalk in your ato. Alos i would go with better lights then the AIs.
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Just did a quick look, heres a list of some comparables just sticking with reef octo and skimz which would be cheaper than the one you had picked...

SM167 DC

Classic 150INT
Classic 150SSS
Classic 152-S
Classic 202-S


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this might sounds dumb but assuming DC pump what's the difference between two model skimmers rated for same volume? what makes a better or worse skimmer?

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